Mireille – Alternative Possibilities

I think an aspect of a great pattern is the ability to alter the original design to create a new and personalized look. Today I have three different ways to change up Mireille to make it completely your own!


Not a fan of the keyhole? You can easily extend the center front line all the way up to the neck. This will create a more simple silhouette and can make it much easier to use a bold pattern. Since you no longer have the keyhole in the front, this is also chance to eliminate the front seam (just cut the front on the fold instead by extending the pattern 5/8″ beyond the fold of the fabric)!


And now the counter part to our last alteration, you can easily expand the keyhole opening further. I think this has a more high fashion look. This could also be a great chance to change the shape of the keyhole. A “U” shaped opening would have a much different feel than the “V” shape.


Do you have a couple different fabrics that would look great together? Try adding a contrasting band to the bottom. Color blocking is always a great way to add color to a project and you can also use up some remnants from another project.

If you want some more inspiration for Mireille, head on over the my pinterest board.



One thought on “Mireille – Alternative Possibilities

  1. Hi! I made my first mireille last night , wore it today and received many compliments! I just have to say that I love this pattern!! I am already planning two more ( that’s not too many right??? Lol)
    I will post pics on social media with the appropriate tags so hopefully we will see lots of mirelle’s!


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