Florence Bra

I have officially joined the world of bra making! This weekend I made my first bra, the Florence from seamwork magazine. I’ve got some thoughts on this bra, good and not-so-good. I’ll start out with the bad so that I can better explain my I’m still excited about how it turned out. 

So the bad… This might be the most impractical bra I have ever worn. I know it’s meant to be a lounge bra, but there is absolutely no support whatsoever. Now I’m a DD, but this is like “might as well not wear a bra” kind of support. And at that rate, I’m just not gonna wear a bra then. I’m not sure if A and B cup ladies have the same problem, but I don’t think I’ll be making this in its current form again. It’s a bit of a bummer but I’m still very glad I made this and think the pattern can still be of used in different way. 

I’m still glad I made this because it was a good introduction to the techniques of bra making. I have never really sewn elastics in this way before. The materials are also quite different to work with. Practice makes perfect, and I’m glad I was able to try it out for the first time on an easier pattern than something more complicated like the Marlborough or pin up girls classic bra

Also it was super quick to make! I sewed this up in a few hours, so it definitely had an instant gratification factor. I also liked some of the construction techniques. What I liked the most was how the outer cut was made up of a double layer so that the seam was enclosed between the two layers, i.e. no need to bind the seams! Since this was my first time making a bra I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, technique wise.  I made a few little mistakes but I think it’ll be much better the second time around. It’s much easier than I expected and can’t wait to try out one with underwire and a back hook! 

My biggest mistake was accidentally touching the iron to the lace on the one cup. It made a sizeable hole that I need to darn shut. Of course, this was after it was sewn up and I didn’t have any extra to fix it. Oops!
I think the only way I’ll use this pattern again is if I turn it into a slip/night gown. Colette has a hack for this on their blog, so I’ll keep it on my list. 

Finally the fabrics! I used a kit from tailor made shop and was pretty pleased. The kit came with everything I needed and the materials were a good quality for the price. My only complaint is that the fabrics may have contributed to the lack of support, but I wouldn’t say that was a fault of the supplier. It’s tough to find supportive fabrics for a larger bust!

My overall experience with this pattern is a little mixed and I don’t know that I’ll make it again. But, I’m really glad I made one to learn some new skills. 

Has anybody else made a Florence bra? Have you had similar issues? 

P.S I have a pinup girls classic bra kit on the way so there will be more bras in the future! 


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