My First Moneta Dress

Hello everybody! As promised last time I am back with something other than pants! 

This is my first attempt at the Moneta Dress from Colette patterns. I made view 1 (minus the collar). Overall I’m pleased with how it turned out, but as always I’ve got a few adjustments for next time. 

To avoid having to a full bust adjustment, I cut out a large in the shoulders and bodice back (my high bust measurement) and graded to an extra large (my full bust measurement). I started the grading at the base of the armsyce and ended at the bottom of the bodice. From there I cut an extra large in the skirt. 

The biggest change I would like to make is a sway back adjustment to take away the excess fabric that is pooling around the waistline. 

As far as the construction of this dress, I approached the bodice differently than the instructions because I didn’t include the collar. I didn’t want to have any top stitching, so I made up my own little system. 

First I stitched the main fabric to the lining around the neck line and armholes. Next I placed the straps right side together (flipping the bodice back inside out and overtop of the bodice front) and stitched around the “tube” that was formed. Finally I stitched up the side seams, completing the bodice. I love how this worked out, and I didn’t have to top stitch anything!

And now the fabric! I love the pattern on this and it’s super soft! I got this cotton spandex knit on sale at Girl Charles (and it’s still available here). My only complaint is how the pattern stretches across my bust, I think I’ll try a solid fabric next time. 

I love this pattern and think it’s going to become and tried and true piece I’ll make again  and again. Is Moneta one of your go to patterns? Do you have another fun TNT? 


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