Easy, Breezy Linen Pants


I have officially completed my first sewing project in our new house! These wide leg linen pants were made with Simplicity 2369. These pants are super easy! They’re essentially pajama bottoms with a more stylish cut and made in a day wear appropriate material. My total time to make these probably totaled to 2 – 2.5 hours max. Although, it took me three or four days from start to finish to because I only had 15 minutes here and there to work on them (It takes me a while to get back into a normal routine after moving).

1 The pants were intended for a knit material, but the dummy that I am, didn’t think about that when I decided to use a linen. I had originally sewn them up with the traditional 5/8″ inseam and tried them on. Naturally they were way too tight, I had a little melt down in my head that I put on some weight, then looked at the finished garment measurements and realized there was no ease. *face palm* Seriously guys, I know better than to not thoroughly read the pattern before making something (I’m just going to chalk this up the chaos of moving). Anyway… I decreased the seam allowance to 3/8″ and they fit ok. It is certainly not perfect but it works. Plus, I kind of like the tightness around the hips. I think it’s a nice contrast the loose fit of the legs.


I made these pants in a size 24. The only adjustment I made was a full tummy adjustment. This was my first time executing one and I’m not sure it with was the right solution for me or not. I did a 1″ adjustment because, if you can’t tell in my picutres, I carry a lot of my weight in my tummy. I plan on making another pair of these so I think I’m going to try 1/2″ or 3/4″  adjustment instead. I’m also going to try a simple version of the full seat adjustment on my next pair (I’m talking about this one from closet case files). Theres also a more complicated verison, but I think the simple version will suffice (instructions here). I never thought of myself as someone with a large derriere, but sewing and making pants has taught me lots of things about myself.

1 This linen was great to work with. I bought this at the Hancock Closing sale. I can’t remember the exact contents (but I don’t thinks it’s 100% cotton, I’m thinking there’s rayon in it?). It became a little frayed at the ends, but that nothing my lovely serger couldn’t fix. 1

This project was a nice way to ease myself back into sewing after taking a couple weeks off to pack up and move. They didn’t turn out as perfect as I would have liked but I think they’ll be a comfy addition to my summer work wardrobe. So, has any body else neglected the suggest fabrics and make it work for them? Next time I’m going to add a little extra ease and hopefully then I’ll have the perfect fit!





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